ID / passport scan

Set how many Passports or ID's your guests will be asked to scan in their pre check-in wizard.

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Elad Diamant

Get started

To set up the early check-in upsell, go to the Settings page > Check-in tab, and scroll to the ‘Which documents are required?’ options box.

The main setting is “How many documents are required?”

You have 4 options:

  • All adults (over 18)
  • All guests – includes children and babies
  • Only guests over the age of XX – you can determine from which age you need your guests to scan their ID.  It is important to add this information in the Description box.
  • One Id/passport – One document per reservation


In this box add the text that will explain to your guests why you need them to send you a copy of their ID. A good explanation will give them the comfort they need and will increase the number of gusts scanning you their documents seamlessly.

The description will be visible to your guests in the pre check-in wizard.

Don’t forget to translate the description after you save the page.


Reservation page

After the guest scanned their documents, you can see a list of them in the reservation’s page, under the “Documents” box, in addition to receiving them by email. By clicking on a document in the list, the system will copy its title to the clipboard. You can paste this title to your email box in order to locate the document.

Important! The ID/ passport files are not saved on the Wishbox servers, but only being sent to the company’s mail box.

“Scan later

The guests have the option in the wizard to skip the scan documents page or to scan only part of the documents they have been requested, and to choose “Scan later”. If they choose to scan later, the icon of the passport in the “Tasks” page will be orange (instead of green), and the Wishbox system will continue to send them reminders emails to complete the missing documents in the same timing of the pre check-in reminder emails.

The guest will have the option to complete the missing documents in the Guest-app, under the Arrival information -> Scan ID/ Passports.

Booking source

You can choose which reservations will be asked to scan the documents based on the booking source. You can set up this option in the Check-in tab, under the “Customized automation tools”.

As always, for any questions or assistance, it is best to contact us through the chat in the front desk. We are at your service.

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