Booking Automation integration

Written by:
Elad Diamant
  • Start your registration in Wishobox.
  • After a few quick steps, you will be asked to select “How do you work?“.
  • Click on the list and choose “Booking Automation”.
  • After watching the quick demo video’s you will be asked to provide your Booking Automation API authentication details.
  • Before adding these details, you need to White list Wishbox ip on the API key that you are going to use
  • Open the API key you wish to use
  • Fill in the information – as detailed in this image (The IP address is:
  • After you whitelistes the IP, go back to Wishbox and use your ‘Booking Automation user’ as the user name and the ‘API name’ you just edited as the API Key
  • After filling these details – click on the “Connect” button, and you’re done!
  • Your Booking-Automation and Wishbox accounts are now synced, and you can start using Wishbox (you can see all your properties information on the rental page and the reservation information in the information page).

    As always, for any questions or assistance, it is best to contact us through the chat in the front desk. We are at your service.

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