Airbnb iCals changes

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Airbnb recently removed the majority of guest information (including guest names) from their iCalendar links. This affects hosts that connect Wishbox directly to their Airbnb account.

In order to make it easier to manage these recent changes with Wishbox, we developed a completion tip solution, allowing you to easily update the guests name and email for every Airbnb reservation.

On the main dashboard page, you have a completion tips area

You may need to scroll down in order to view it. 

Every time an Airbnb reservation comes in,  a completion tip with missing details will appear on your dashboard

Allowing you to easily add the guest name and email in order to ensure you can automate guest communication 

Once you update the guest name and email, the Wishbox tools such as confirmation emails, online check-in, upsells and more will be sent out, provided that you have them enabled. 

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