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Deposit Collection

The deposit collection feature allows you to collect a deposit from your guests automatically using Credit Card payment in order to ensure your security with guests. This article will include an introduction to the Deposit Collection feature.

Airbnb iCals changes

Airbnb recently removed the majority of guest information (including guest names) from their iCalendar links. This affects hosts that connect Wishbox directly to their Airbnb account. In order to make it easier to manage these recent changes with Wishbox, we developed a completion tip solution, allowing you to easily update the guests name and email

Replacing synced source

The article below will explain what to do when shifting between systems/sources in Wishbox.  If you are switching between a PMS / channel manager, or moving from a connection to a PMS connection, you will need to follow the steps below.  Disconnect the source you no longer want to integrate with The first step

Collect Payment from guest

Collect Payment for stay allows you to request online payment from your guests before arrival. The payment request will appear at the last stage of the online check-in.

Creating Custom Questions

Custom questions allow you to collect extra information from your guests during the online check-in. In the article, we will go over the set up for this section.
You can find the custom questions in the check-in’s advanced settings.

Creating your Guidebook

The Wishbox guidebook is a great opportunity to provide information to your guests, improve the level of service you offer and create a smoother reservation process.

Custom Services

Wishbox enables you to customise your upsells, by you or your suppliers, allowing you the opportunity to tailor your services to the guest’s needs and generate new revenues with no effortYou can easily add your services from Wishbox’s pre-made templates, or build your own from scratch!