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מדריך ווישבוקס לצוות המלון

Knowledge base

Late check-out

Generate more revenues with no effort by letting Wishbox offer your guests the option to book a late check-out in a smart process.

Syncing to Booking with active rentals in Wishbox

To start using the new connection, you should first go to each rental in the Wishbox front desk, and add the room/ rental specific booing ID: To locate this number,

Suppliers FAQ

When enabling the Upsell by Wishbox, you can add an external supplier to offer more value for your guests. Here is the FAQ regarding the external suppliers.

How to setup Wishbox Upsells

By adding services to the Wishbox platform, Wishbox enables you to generate more revenues and enhance your guest’s stay, seamlessly.

Upsell by Wishbox

Generate more revenues and let your guests get more!

Start the magic – In 3 easy steps

Wishbox will walk with your guests’ hand in hand to assist them in every step of the way from their initial booking until they check-out, in their own language. Automatically.

Pre-schedule automatic messages

It is important to send your guests the needed information at a suitable time. For that, we present you the Wishbox Automatic messages.

Guest Chat SMSs

In the guest chat, you can choose for each message you write rather send the message through the Wishbox chat or through an SMS to the guest phone number.

SMS – Powered by Wishbox

The Wishbox platform is completely integrated with SMS messages, to make sure your guests receive your important messages even if they lack data connection or with limited data access.

SMS and WhatsApp Pricing

SMS Pricing WhatsApp Pricing The fee for sending WhatsApp message varies depending on the country and by message type you send. For every template message