Collect Payment from guest

Collect Payment for stay allows you to request online payment from your guests before arrival. The payment request will appear at the last stage of the online check-in.

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In order to enable payment collection from guests, go to settings , then click on the check-in tab and scroll down. You will need to turn on credit card payments and connected your stripe account before you can enable the pay for stay collection. 


Enter a title and description for the payment request in order to explain the charge to your guests. Your guest will see the title and description on the payment request page. 

By default, the payment request is set for 100% of the reservation charges. You are able to edit the request amount and collect payment for only part of the reservation charges.  

You are also able to edit the payment request settings so that the request will appear only for specific reservations, depending on the booking source or reservation status.

If the reservation balance is zero, the payment request will not appear.

Important notes: 

  • Currency- the payment for stay will be charged in your default account currency. Guests will not be able to pay in a different currency.
  • Transaction fee- payment collection fees include your standard Stripe transaction fee plus a 0.25% processing fee. 
  • Reporting- In order to view all payments, go to upsells, then orders. In order to view only payment for stay transactions go to the services column and select payment for stay. 
  • You are also able to see all reservations that completed payment for stay in the tasks page. on the right side of the screen you will see a dollar symbol. If the symbol appears in bright green this means that the payment was completed. If the symbol is light grey this means that payment was not collected. 
  • Refunds- In case of cancellations, refunds can be done manually through the reservation tab, by clicking on the reservation that you wish to refund and scrolling down to additional services by Wishbox. Find the charge and click on it. Then click refund. You can also access the payment for stay from the orders tab. 

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