Creating Custom Questions

Custom questions allow you to collect extra information from your guests during the online check-in. In the article, we will go over the set up for this section. You can find the custom questions in the check-in's advanced settings.

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Step 1: Choose a Title and description that will explain all the custom questions you will create.

Please note that asking too many questions may lower the completion rate

Step 2: Click on Add Question and choose the type of answer you will require of your guests.

Answers options:

  • Free text – allowing your guest to write the answer (you can restrict the answer to a number of notes)
  • Multiple choice – Allow you guests to choose between a number of answers you will set. You can also ask for guests’ country or nationality and have a drop down of all countries.
  • Date – Ask your guests to fill in a specific date, for example a birthday.
  • Bed types – Ask your guests to choose the bed types the guests will need. The bed type options will be taken from the room or rental settings. If the bed types are not detailed in the rental setting this question will not appear.

Step 3: Type in the question you want to ask guests. You can choose whether you want the answer to be mandatory or not.

When selecting a multiple choice answer you will need to enter the different options your guests can choose from.

You can add tooltips that will help guests understand how to best answer.

Should you need an answer from every guest or adult you can enable the Multiple by option.

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