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View all the past and future reservations listed in your company.

Written by:
Elad Diamant

In the main table, you can view the reservation status:

  • Before check-in: Future reservation, when the guest hasn’t complete the pre check-in wizard.
  • Pre Checked-in: The guest filled the pre check-in wizard.
  • Canceled: The reservation was canceled

There is also the check-in and check-out dates of the reservation, and the last satisfaction review.

On the top, you have a few filters for this table and a fast search bar on the right. You can sort every column by clicking on the title of the column.

Reservation page

In the reservation page, all the relevant details of the reservation are being updated automatically from your vacation rental software (PMS or channel manager) or from your iCal connection you added in the rental page.

On the top beside the guest name, you have a link to his guest app and the reservation status. Below that you have all the information Wishbox received when this reservation was created, including the guest info, booking source, and the external reservation ID.

In the reservation page, you have all the action buttons you have also in the tasks page, all in one place – send the confirmation email, start chat, send pre check-in email, send arrival info & codes by email or SMS and send pre check-out email.

For each action button, you will also find the time and date a message was sent to the guest of this reservation.

Check-in details

Next will find the pre check-in details, which are the details the guest filled in the pre check-in wizard he received from Wishbox. Next to the headline, you will find the pre check-in wizard link you can copy and share with your guest manually if needed.

The pre check-in details include his estimated personal email and phone number, arrival time to the rental, how he is going to arrive (plane, train etc), his preferred check-in method and information of the guest scanned his passport or credit card in his check-in that was sent to you by email.

Wishbox doesn’t save a copy of the guests scanned items.

To read more on the pre check-in wizard please click here.


Pre check-out details

Here you will find the details the guest filled in his pre check-out details, includes his check out time and his review.

Check-in requirements

In the general settings, under the check-in tab, you set your default  “Check-in requirements”. In this box on the reservation page, you can override the default options, and customize them for this reservation only.



Under the notes you have the notes Wishbox pulled from the PMS/ Channel manager if exist, and you have the option to add your own internal notes on Wishbox, which will not be visible to the guest.


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