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How to set pricing for your room upgrade

Learn how to set pricing for your room upgrade deals.

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Set the Pricing for your Room upgrade deals

After sorting your rooms into price levels, you will need to enter the price for each upgrade deal. If you selected the guest bid option you will need to enter a minimum price and a maximum price for every option.

How to fill in the room price matrix:

The matrix you fill in the chart is the supplement price, meaning the delta between the room prices. This is the price your guests will need to add in order to upgrade to the new room type.

See Example of a pricing table for “Instant Booking” and “Require Approval” options below: 

  • The Deluxe Queen can be upgraded to the Deluxe King Room for 100 USD per night, OR to the “Villa in the Sky” for 180$ per night. These prices are per night, and are on top of the rate the guest is already paying.
  • Since the Deluxe Queen and Superior Double bed are in the same price level you are not able to  upgrade between these rooms. Guests are not able to downgrade to a lower room level or see offers for rooms at the same price level.  

If you have selected  “Guest Bidding” as your booking option, you will need to enter the minimum and maximum pricing for each deal.

See example of a “Guest Bidding” option price table below:

  • The “Deluxe Queen” can be upgraded to the “Deluxe King” Room OR to the “Villa in the Sky” room. Guests will need to place a bid in order to request an upgrade.  
  • Guests can place bids between the minimum and maximum price you enter. These prices are per night and are on top of the rate the guest is already paying.

In addition to the default pricing, you are also able to add extra pricing for specific seasons, dates and weekends. Learn more about extra pricing here.

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