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Keynest & Wishbox Connection

Connect your Wishbox account to Keynest and automatically send your guests Keycode access before arrival

The article below will explain how to connect Wishbox to your Keynest account and manage key code automation in 2 easy steps. 

Step 1- Generate Keynest API

In order to connect Wishbox to Keynest you will need to find your API key. Open your Keynest account and click on Profile on the top menu:

Scroll down to the API section and copy the API key. If you do not have an API section, you will need to request this from Keynest support. Click on the Generate API key button:

Step 2- paste Keynest API in Wishbox

Login to your Wishbox Dashboard , go to settings and find the key provider section. 

Click on Key Provider and then click on the Add new button:

Paste the Keynest API key in the designated field. You can also edit the Key provider name as it will appear in the rental settings. This is helpful in case you have several accounts for one key provider and want to around confusions.

That’s it! your Wishbox account is connected to Keynest. 

You can start assigning keys to your rentals by going to the rentals page, selecting a rental and scrolling down to the key provider section:

A new keycode will be generated per reservation. You can create a special post in your guestapp that will be released to your guests upon arrival.