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Latest additions to the Wishbox guest app

Full improvements of the Wishbox guest app as of January 2020 are listed below:

New Look

We updates the Wishbox guest app to fully reflect the branding of the hosts with the option to customize logo, colors and cover image. In order to customize these go to settings —> branding. 


Image from iOS (1)


The category icons are improved and appear in the same color as brand color. In addition, guest app posts are now listed below the category so that guests are able to view posts without entering the category.

At the bottom of the screen, guest are able to navigate between posts, map view and upsells. 

Image from iOS (2)

System Created posts

By default your guest app will include 3 system created posts. These posts are created automatically using your rental/room information and will appear in your guest app at the right time. 

  • Arrival Info – information such as reservation info, address, check-in method (if not selected your guests will be able to select a method through the app). 
  • Access Codes –  post includes any access codes for your rental and will only appear after sending your arrival email or if manually released. 
  • Departure Info – This post will appear after the guests arrive at the location and include check-out details.
You are able to disable these posts at any time and create your own using suggested templates. 
Image from iOS

Advance settings

We added new options for post customization in your guest app. You are now able to add posts to the arrival email, replacing the guest notes

In addition, you can make sure posts are only visible to guests at specific stages of the guest journey. For example, you can now create a post that will only be visible to guests after or before completing the pre-check-in. In order to start customizing these options, click on a specific post and scroll down to the advance settings section.