SiteMinder Integration

To sync yourSiteMinder account with Wishbox please follow these simple steps.

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If you are an existing Wishbox user – go to ‘Settings’ and click on “Add new source” in the “Connect & sync” section – then follow this guide from step 4.

This article will cover Wishbox integration steps to SiteMinder.

  1. Start your registration in Wishobox.

2. After a few quick steps, you will be asked to select your System. Click on the list and choose “SiteMinder”:

3. Watch the Demo or click on the start button on the bottom

4. On the next screen, you will be asked to fill the form. Click ‘Fill SightMinder form’ to begin

5. Click start to begin. You will be asked to fill in contact details and details about your property.

Select Wishbox as the application you would like to activate. Your Wishbox Hotel ID will appear on the top of the form.

Shortly after submitting the form, Siteminder will review and sync your account with Wishbox. You will be able to see all your rental & reservation information in Wishbox.

As always, for any questions or assistance, it is best to contact us through the chat in the front desk. We are at your service.

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