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Rentals / rooms

View all the rentals (/rooms) listed in your company. 

Written by:
Elad Diamant

You can press on “New rental” for Adding a new rental manually.

If you connected Wishbox to your PMS or channel manager, you do not need to add new rentals manually because your rentals will be updated automatically.

Rental (/room)  page

Under the information box, you can add or edit the general information of the rental.

The information you add in the codes fields – Building Entrance code, Rental Code / Keybox Code,  Wifi name and Wifi code will be shared with the guests in the arrival email and in the guest app, only after you send the arrival email or arrival SMS with your guests, either automatically or by SMS.


Under connectivity you have Wishbox’s iCal link of the rental, that you can place in other websites in order to sync the rental occupancy from Wishbox in real time (syncs approx every 10 minutes).

You can also use the import iCal box in order to add icals from 3rd other websites, that will be sync INTO the Wishbox calendar.

Click here to view an example for syncing iCals from Airbnb.


Guest Notes

Under the guest notes, you can add information about the rental that will be visible to the guests on the arrival emails and inside the guest app.


Check-in options

In each of your rentals, you can select a specific check-in method. For example, if you have three different check-in methods as rental check-in, office check-in, and self check-in, you can select for one of your rentals to use only the first check-in method.

To do it, select “override default options”, then select the check-in methods you want to use for this rental by clicking on the Switch that appears at the left of each check-in method. After that, if you want to re-use one of the check-in methods you deselected, select it by clicking again on the Switch.

Personal Area additional information

You can also override the posts your guests will have in their guest app by clicking on “override default posts”.

By overriding, you can switch on or off posts from the general setting, and add unique posts for this rental.

Default team member assign

If you have default team members that are in-charge for the check-in or check-out or cleaning of this rental, you can add them here, and they will be auto assign to this property tasks.


Unique FAQ

For each rental you can add more unique frequently asked questions, that will appear to the guests inside the Wishbox tablet.
The unique FAQ will be added to the standard FAQ written in the company settings, and do not replace them.



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