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SMS – Powered by Wishbox

The Wishbox platform is completely integrated with SMS messages, to make sure your guests receive your important messages even if they lack data connection or with limited data access.

Written by:
Elad Diamant

Learn about the different uses of SMS messaging through Wishbox.

Guest Chat SMSs

In the guest chat, you can choose for each message you send rather send the message through the Wishbox chat or through an SMS to the guest phone number.


Both the messages you send through the Chat and through the SMS will be displayed for you and for your guest in your chat history, as a unified messaging box.

You can click here to learn more about the Guest Chat SMSs.

Automatic SMSs

Wishbox enables you to send automatic pre-scheduled messages also by SMS. In a case the SMS fail to be sent, the message will be sent through the Wishbox chat instead.    

You can click here to learn more about the Automatic SMS messaging.

Enabling SMS by Wishbox

In order to start using the SMS by Wishbox feature, you need to enable it on the ‘billing’ page in the settings.

This needs to be done as there is a charge for sending some SMS messaged through the Wishbox system. 
There are 3 types of SMS messages that Wishbox send automatically, with no-cost to the hosts:

1. Pre check-in wizard SMS for reservations with no email address.

2. Pre check-in wizard reminder by SMS after the 2nd pre check-in email reminder (if the guest yet to complete the pre check-in wizard)

3. Pre check-out wizard reminder by SMS.

Besides these type of messages, all other SMS messages you send to your guests will be charged.

You can find the SMSs by Wishbox full pricing by clicking here.
Please pay attention that a message pricing is determined by the guests’ carrier.

General SMS information

    • Each SMS segment includes 153 GSM-7 characters (Latin characters) or 67 UCS-2 characters (other characters and special symbols)
    • After enabling the SMSs by Wishbox, your guests will also be able to reply directly to your messages. Please pay attention the pricing also includes SMSs you receive from your guests.
  • You can find the SMSs by Wishbox full pricing by clicking here.
    Please be aware that the pricing is determined by the guests’ carrier.

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