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מדריך ווישבוקס לצוות המלון
Start the magic – In 3 easy steps

Wishbox will walk with your guests’ hand in hand to assist them in every step of the way from their initial booking until they check-out, in their own language. Automatically.

Written by:
Elad Diamant

Believe it or not – using Wishbox lets you save up to 2 hours of work per day and eliminate 90% of ti,e spent emailing guests, thanks to Wishbox’s automation, wizards & your own branded guest-app.

Let’s have a closer look:

Confirmation email

The confirmation email is a personalized and beautifully designed email your guests will receive immediately after they book one of your properties.

To customize your personal confirmation email:

  • Go to the settings > Communication tab
  • Click on the box “View / Edit email template
  • In this editor, you can fully customize your company’s email
  • Translate the email to all supported languages (10).
  • Go back to the settings and enable it so Wishbox will start sending it automatically (only for new reservations that synced to Wishbox after you activated the confirmation email feature).
Read more about the confirmation email

Pre check-in Wizard

Receive all the guest’s arrival details and scanned passports using Wishbox pre check-in automatic wizard. To enable the pre check-in wizard, you need to edit your check-in options:

  • Go to the ‘Settings‘ > ‘Check-in’ tab
  • In the ‘Check-in options’ you have a few check-in templates you can use or edit, or add your own check-in option.
  • Set when Wishbox will send the pre check-in wizard for the first time, and the reminders.
  • In the advanced options, you can choose if you wish to ask your guests to scan their documents or credit card by the guest’s booking source.
  • Preview the Wizard and enable the pre check-in wizard.
Read more about the pre check-in wizard

Pre check-out Wizard

Automatically receive your guest check-out time, present the check-out instructions, and skyrocket your ratings thanks to Wishbox intelligent reviews system.

To enable the pre check-out wizard, you need to edit check-out instructions & late check-out policy:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Check-out
  • Set up when Wishbox will send the pre check out wizard to your guests.
  • Add your check-out instructions that will be shown in the pre check-out wizard, and will be also sent to the guest by email.
  • Send yourself a preview and enable the pre check-out wizard.
Read more about the pre check-out wizard

For any assistance, you can simply contact us through the Wishbox chat or by email

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Pre Check-out Wizard

Before your guests’ departure, Wishbox will communicate with them to get their check-out time, and share your late check-out policy and check-out instructions.

Confirmation Email

The confirmation email is a personalized email that your guests will receive immediately after they booked one of your properties. This feature, as well as our others, will save you a lot of time ?.

Pre Check-in Wizard

Using the pre check-in Wizard, Wishbox will get you all the arrival details of your guests, includes their personal email and phone number, estimated time of arrival, preferred check-in method and scanned passports and credit cards if needed.