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Syncing to Booking with active rentals in Wishbox
Written by:
Elad Diamant

To start using the new connection, you should first go to each rental in the Wishbox front desk, and add the room/ rental specific booing ID:

To locate this number, login to your Booking admin panel, and look under the Property -> Room details:

And then copy the relevant room number:

After you updated the Booking ID in all the rentals, go in your Wishbox dashboard and click on Settings–>General tab, and scroll down until the box “Sync your reservations Data to Wishbox”.

There, in the drop-down menu, choose -> add your Hotel-ID, and click the “Connect with BookingSuite” button.

Here is where you can locate your Hotel-ID in your Booking account:  

Clicking on the connect button would open you a pop-up to approve the connection between Wishbox and Booking and should enable Wishbox to sync all your rooms and reservations from your Booking account.

This is a one side connection, Wishbox will only pull data from Booking but won’t push anything back.

That’s it! after this you can click on Sync now, and you will see all your reservation in your Wishbox account.

From this time, Wishbox will sync all new reservations, cancellations, and updates automatically every hour. 

To connect also to more OTA’s, click here.

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