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מדריך ווישבוקס לצוות המלון
The Dashboard

Welcome to the Wishbox Dashboard, where we give you a high-level view of your hosting status, in real time.

Written by:
Elad Diamant

Automation tools

In this section, you can view the current status of the Wishbox automation tools in your account.

In each box you can see if a service is active or not, experience a preview of the service for a demo rental or one of your own rentals, and can activate a service.

You can also view the statistics of the recent time use for active services.

Profile completion tips

In this section, Wishbox will point out which platform needs to be updated.
It is sorted by importance level and is updated every time you load the dashboard.

The number that appears in each row, indicates the number of rentals waiting to be completed.

Click on a row in order to complete the missing information.

This section shows you the number of different tasks in the registered time period.

You can view the tasks details in the Tasks tab.

Uncompleted pre check-ins

For each day you will see the number of guests that haven’t completed their pre check-in wizard.

When hovering over a number, you will see the number of uncompleted check-ins and the total number of check-ins during that time period.  You will also see two action buttons-

Envelope – This button will send another pre check-in request by email to all the uncompleted pre check-ins for that time period
(in addition to the automatic reminders).

Lock – This button will send the arrival email with the relevant codes (if listed on the rentals page)
to all the check-ins in that time range.

Guests satisfaction

Here you will see the average ratings that your guests left at their pre check-out wizard.
You can choose the period view to a monthly view, annually view or all rating view.

Add a personal area post

Easily share updates with your guests and important information. The posts will be immediately posted in all the guests-area web apps and can be set to be active until a specific date.

For each post, you can choose where it will appear in the guest’s area and add photos and PDF files to enrich the post.

Wishbox updates

Here we will keep you updated with all the new features and possibilities we keep releasing from time to time to make your hosting life easier and enhance the guest’s experience.

 This screen is very useful for a macro view of an agency, for operational use we recommend to use the Tasks page.

Happy Hosting!

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Confirmation Email

The confirmation email is a personalized email that your guests will receive immediately after they booked one of your properties. This feature, as well as our others, will save you a lot of time ?.

Pre Check-in Wizard

Using the pre check-in Wizard, Wishbox will get you all the arrival details of your guests, includes their personal email and phone number, estimated time of arrival, preferred check-in method and scanned passports and credit cards if needed.

Pre Check-out Wizard

Before your guests’ departure, Wishbox will communicate with them to get their check-out time, and share your late check-out policy and check-out instructions.